“A friendship ended today”


“A friendship ended today”

A friendship ended today.
An old friend did I forsake.
The relationship died quiet.
I attended the wake.

Sad, it happened on this day
Of giving and receiving;
But I finally realised:
‘Twas me I was deceiving.

I am no saint or patron
To give in so, take all pain;
I have a heart that hurts
And cries against such disdain.

Perhaps I am wrong…perhaps…
Old friends are hard to find.
But I am done with insults!
So I paid back some, in kind.

Perhaps my heart’s growing hard,
Harder than it ought to be;
But, if friendship made it so,
Oh, what friends are these to me?

If, to heal a wounded heart,
We seek the company of friends,
Pray tell, to whom does one turn,
When friendship itself ends?

25th December, 2007


3 thoughts on ““A friendship ended today”

  1. The poet should understand…even if the poem is beautiful and with loads of pain from the poets point of view – there are few things which are immortal…like : true love and true friendship .


    1. Hey Sandra,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment with a compliment. Would love to have more comments on my blogs, please feel free to share more thoughts (or compliments *grin*)!

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