My Love Threatens.

He grows away from me!
But why do I even care?
What? Why?
Years have passed, haven’t they?
I should have escaped Love’s snare!

Love made me compromise!
And always I was the one cheated!
My heart proved cold initially –
Was always the one to get slowly heated!

So much heat that, on reflection,
Makes me the fool!
As his warm heart flitters down
And he gets to play Daddy Cool!

I bare my fucking soul,
In this fucking love game,
So much so that my fucking pride,
Keeps forgetting my fucking name!

My name! That I’ve created
With such arrogant determination!
And now it rests in his hand
Bearing heated flagellation!

It comes finally to this point:
Where he threatens with an illicit fuck!
My heated heart finally realizes!
It is finally out of luck!

(Tragic.) But the question of Hate
Is never out of Love’s circumference!
The opposite of both creatures
Is flaccid Indifference!

Because my whipped heart is still warm,
I struggle to hold it up at the stake:
What? Why?
Let it cool into feeling nothing?
Or just let the feeling thing break?


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