Words on Thought.

In my heart there are certain places that are shared by none;
For those are the places restricted to the number one,
Among whom special people share a certain heart-view;
And amongst this number I count you.

In life, life itself fails to allow words to express each emotion
Every fish can certainly not describe each and every ocean
Aye, at times, a word communicates itself by thought,
In days like these, these are rarely wrought.

The thought to call out lurks all day, then the eye spots an eye,
So this thought suddenly unfurls its wings and begins to fly,
When the eye, done, blinks and rebounds to it, by-and-by,
The thought is consumed by the blue sky.

Words again I use to describe the thought that was forgotten,
Threads of silk I need to use to tie up this wayward cotton,
To let you know, in this place, in my heart, where you reside,
There is but soft simple cotton with no silk beside.


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