A Beautiful Lie.

He left – so long ago – and yet, you cry –
There is that tear within your glassy eye …
Denying this shall do you no good, my dear,
The life of your hope still shines in that tear.

I have loved you – with a necessity –
You are my breath; my soul’s eternity –
And then – he walks by, my love, and that tear
it unmans me,
fills me with fear
That rips my heart to shreds – each time,
each time …

My friends told me, with arguments so fine,
Of how and why I ought to let you go;
My pride agreed, but – my heart shouted: “No!”
I was selfish – but no more!
I am done!

I shall move away! For your sake, I’ll shun
My hope – which I have saved, for so, so long …

I know my name takes no note in the song
You sing – but then, all you sang was bliss t’me
(It still is! That’s the pain of Memory!)

No more!
I am done.

And yet, so serene
Seem all those memories, that laugh, that smile –

But then, I was your laugh, he is your dream –
I lived a beautiful lie for a while;
And, now, it is high time I say my goodbye …

Though …
I’ll be near to wipe your tears if you cry.


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