Love is Gods nature.
The Greek language has a word for this kind of love, agape. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary gives agape this definition, self giving loyal concern that freely accepts another and seeks his or her good.

Written for the novel that I had begun entitled the same.

The Burning Star tore out the sky,
Bloody Time made thee sing
A song of truth for those who die,
Against Power and his King.

Thou were taught to fight for thy own;
Take an eye for an eye!
But the Time of Hate has since flown,
And somewhere it will die!

For what reason the Fight, when he
Who thou were meant to hate
Is bound to thee by Love’s decree,
Writ by the hand of Fate?

The Burning Star showed thee the way;
The Song thou had to sing –
Of the brightness of a brand new Day,
And the Love which It did bring.

26th August.


One thought on “Agape

  1. Perfect. Agape! 🙂

    This love is necessary for salvation, and with it no one can be lost.

    Would you take a look at my LOVE RELOADED: blog entry, I’m trying to capture the essence of Christianity and Christian love and virtue.

    How do you feel about Eros? Do we get too hung up on this other more natural aspect of love?

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