An Unheard-of Balance.

An Unheard of Balance.

The scales have never tipped in my favour,
And people holding them cheat,
My life knows it loses endeavour
Where balance and tears fail to meet.

Prejudice is something I detest,
Having felt it numerous times,
But loss of balance I cannot best,
To me, it is poetry without rhymes.

Time proven, I have been hurt by this,
And I am wary of it from the start,
Though chances I never fail to miss,
Despite grievances to the heart.

Never let it be said, that I
Neglected to hold a hand holding scales,
Though it may fling dust in my eye
I just add the wound in my tales.

Each time I have held the hand,
It has cast me down,
So please do not misunderstand,
If in my heart its kind has won renown.

You there, holding the scales,
Do not frown at me so,
My foolish heart to trust never fails,
Ah, a smile … you already know.


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