I Guess.


Haunting strains of a maulvi
Chanting from a minaret far;
The sun is about to shear
The silent light of a faraway star.

I wait for morning
And the stroke of destiny,
To see what verdict
It metes out for me.

There is this sullen fear,
Fettered in my veins,
And each stroke of time
Tears at its restrains.

These seconds fall,
One by one,
Those chains break,
One by one.

The one who loves me
Was dealt a severe blow;
But he grins and bears it;
Is it all that I must know?

The night leaps aside
For light to shimmer through,
Somewhere the air
Changes into cool dew;

And I lay silent in bed
But I’m shrinking inside;
And all I want to do
Is turn back the tide.

I guess I’m helpless,
Against the cards of fate;
And, in its matters,
It is not soon or late.

What happens here
Are matters of trial and test;
And whatever it may be,
It will be for the best.

5th November.


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