My House of Gryffindor.

Here is my House – born from the name
Of the great wizard, Godric Gryffindor.
Who was a warlock tough and honourable,
Fiercely strong as the wind on a moor.

His best trait though lay not in Power,
Or Honour, or Bravery beyond logic.
But in the very fact that he let All
Join Hogwarts, to enrich the gift of magic.

The Hat that judges with cool wisdom,
The Sword embedded with rubies red,
Belonged to this man who esteemed
Knowledge and Fairness, which was inbred.

Gryffindor, then, is the House,
Of vibrant Red mixed with Gold,
Where the Lion’s Emblem stands guard,
To stop any evil – be it new or old.

It produces students who are exceptional,
As regards their courage, which never ends,
As regards their determination and
The code of loyalty amongst friends.

Here is my House where I am loved,
Here is my House – Gryffindor!
Here are my brave, loyal and courageous friends –
Why should I possibly ask for more?


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