Snow-White in CAPITALS.

It’s morning.
But there’s no light in this coffin.
I hate the dark; it’s blinding;
I can’t see.
(I hated light; it’s blinding, I was blind.)
I wonder if it’s the same for you.
Wonder a lot these days.
In dark.
Use “I” a lot.
Use “You” a lot.
Who am I?
Who are you?
What does “we” signify?
I know what you think?
You have a
You need it in CAPITALS.
You have a
You want it recognised.
But do you know your
How can other confused people
With vaguer
Possibly recognise yours?
Maybe they’ll wonder at it,
Because you place it in CAPITALS;
But can’t you understand it first?
I’m willing to try.
But I’m snow-white:
I heeded the WITCH
And I bit the APPLE.
So I want you to be the prince –
But my prince wants to be KING.
So I wait.
Alone and quite dead
In my glass coffin,
For people with vague names
To come and gawk.
And I wish I could appreciate my
That is now in capitals.

30th March


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