The Gryffindor Song.

In the Great Hall of Hogwarts School,
There are the Houses Four;
And, of these Four Houses, one
Was named after Godric Gryffindor.

The Sorting Hat, that first belonged to him,
Is now a sorting tool;
And all the First Year students must
Have it on, per the School Rule.

For it, on being worn, shakes and frets,
And then lets the school know,
Which House the student belongs to,
With one, loud Gryffindor roar.

To be in Gryffindor, one must
Be brave and full of nerve –
To face all of Life’s challenges –
Good and bad – with the same, strong verve!

Chivalry, too, stands high and proud,
Amidst the students here,
For it includes all the things
Which to Gryffindor are dear.

From Bravery that we talked of,
To Honour and Courtesy,
From Protecting the weak and timid,
To Fairness and Generosity.

So here at the House of Gryffindor,
You will find those Ideal Few,
Who brave all of Life’s problems
And manage to solve them, too.


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