The Maiden of Meduseld.

The horses rode briskly against the wind
The sun caught the gold on the roof of Meduseld
The mountains stood tall – nearly a circle
And the wind within their realm was caught and held.

Being a woman with the courage of a man,
Being a woman with the need to prove self worth,
Is robbing me of all the smiles I had,
Divesting me of freedom, with it, all life’s mirth.

In this dark world around and my own doubt
I perceived a glimmer of hope, a glazed light –
That was never mine to begin with.
And all that was left to me was the will to fight.

Fight not against the love I held;
But against the bittersweet cage that held me;
For love had forsaken me twice before;
And yet imprisoned me in woman’s vanity.

So fight I must, against my own heart,
And against the laws laid down by men I love,
Fight I must against my own heart’s pain,
And face calm death – from here, there, down and above.


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