The Soldier of Osgiliath.

(thus follows a dialogue between his wife and Gandalf, the White)

O rejoice! He is at last, long last,
Returned to me!
At last he’ll be free!
O years since he had been cast
On a treacherous route,
A road that’s dull and mute.

He stood strong and bold,
Amid the field,
Without a shield.
That was what was told.
He met the enemy strong
And, aye, battled hard and long.

Why won’t he open his eyes,
Bluer than sapphires,
All ablaze with fires?
Whereforth are all his cries,
Vibrant as the grey elves
Who hide in the green delves.

The arrow sang cold and sank deep,
He hit the ground,
Furor all around,
Putting him in a dreamless sleep,
That has no waking call,
Just a soft breakless fall.


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