These Years.

These years have bought me Wisdom.
Would I trade it to retain Beauty?
These years have brought me Pain
And showed me vanity in Love and Duty –
Would I go through it all again?

These years have taught me lessons.
Would I want to go back to the Past?
These years have shown me (they have known me)
To move on from things that failed to last –
Would they treat me now more kindly?

These years have allowed my heart to bleed.
Would I want to let it heal?
These years have left me dumb
And reduced my capacity to feel –
Would I trade these to stop being numb?

These years, these years, these years, these years.
Could I really not feel and let them slide?
These years have marred me, but not in vain.
Some smiles are gone but all have not died –
Could I not gather Life from all this Pain?


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