This Destiny.

When I woke up this morning,
You were beside me.
My eye opened into the brown of yours,
You were all I could see.

You moved your finger on my body,
I blinked and my lips parted,
You eyes smiled and the answer
My flesh gave was whole hearted.

Memory is to be treasured,
Though moments waste like flowers,
And in the mind’s eye,
There are no weeks, days or hours.

The thought of losing you,
Is bountiful with grief,
Destiny always robs me,
I cannot catch the thief,

But as I said, memory
Of this touch, this kiss,
Cannot be stolen by time’s destiny –
It is too strong for this.

Now I am thankful
That you choose me,
Thankful for your eye, your touch,
And this destiny.

29th September


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