Thoughts In a Small While.

In all the time that has passed,
When I could have foreseen the future
Through the shades of the past,
I have wondered what brings me to this place,
Somewhere in my heart I must have –
I must have seen this face.
The words that have blown away
Have come back to haunt me,
And lost feelings have found a way,
To return and look me in the eye,
When all I had ever wanted,
Was for them to quietly die.
The wind has turned, the wind has turned,
And the past is glaring down at me,
While the future is getting burned.
I don’t listen much, what is the use,
I lie down on my pillow of hope,
I have nothing more to lose.
Look! I am not strong, but clever,
And I have learnt from my mistakes.
Do I regret my past? Never.
So here I lie upon my dreams,
And I know the past will blow away again,
And nothing will be as it seems.


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