Through the Years.

Through the years love has morphed
Into – what? I do not know!
But though it still remains,
It shines with brighter shades of woe.

Once you would reach out and touch me.
Now there’re other things on your mind;
Stolen kisses, softened gazes
Are left somewhere far, far behind.

Once we would dance in a crowd,
And know just each others’ arms;
Now you sit out every song,
While to dance I barter my charms.

Once you had much to say to me:
Hours on end our talks would last.
Now my words are replied with shrugs
Your tenderness needs be asked.

Once your eyes said you wanted me
Seconds apart seemed like years.
Now you value time as money:
Coins are costlier than tears.

Once our eyes told the other
How our smiles could simply beguile.
But now we are better pleased
To make some other stranger smile.

Once when my words grew bitter,
You wept and said you’d never let go.
I ask now, what if fate tore us apart?
You calmly smile and reply, I don’t know.

8th may


edited: 9 0ct, ’12


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