Time passes us by and memories are made,
Dreams pass on with Youth’s last sigh,
And things move closer to death’s shade,
While all that we are, all that is, is going to die.

Remember? How it was when we first –
Remember is all that we seem to do…
That smile, that rose, that meeting, that thirst,
What you were to me, what I was to you.

Time passes and emotions cool down by degree,
If I smile now you don’t see the light in the eyes;
For now love is tempered by chaste reality
And we realized that everything that was and is dies.

What of the time I fantasized of Knights,
Charging down to take me from the real of life?
It has faded slowly when, in heartbroken nights,
Comprehending that pieces of paper make a husband and wife.

The lessons time shows are hard to bear,
Everything that goes high descends with a fall,
Dreams have youth while age has hope’s share,
The irony of this rant on Time being: it cures All.

6th November.


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