To G—-

I remember many a thing
That a special moment to the mind can bring:
I remember our Childhood –
Can we forget it? (Oh, as if we could!)
I remember the orange horizons and purple clouds,
The Garden with the butterfly crowds;
I remember a sassy little tomboy
And those small memorable moments of joy;
I remember that blue pretty dress
And you seated in the divan in a flare;
I remember those scholastic times of stress,
With you in tartan red and oily hair;
I remember those tube-lit journeys,
Of valiant Rescues and rural Journeys;
I remember the coterie of friends
And you tagging along at the deep end;
I remember jealousy, too, and fights,
But then there were always ‘Xmas lights.
I remember a Nanny’s favouritism,
But that made up for my criticism.
I remember you turning overnight,
From gauche darkness to vain delight;
I remember hours of reading and listening
And a sharing of likes and mutual feeling;
I remember so many things in this life,
But, through all the joy and the strife,
I remember you always being there –
And although I don’t mention it, I care;
And although I don’t say it (nor do you),
I love you as much as you love me, too.

2nd April.


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