When the Heart Breaks.

They say that when a heart breaks
there is no sound –
Funny, I could hear every sound –
I heard its beat when it fell in love,
I sighed when i heard it sigh
Knowing things would die,
I listened to the beats skip,
When the news came of goodbye –
And I heard it when it was silent by and by.
Then I felt the sound that tore out,
It was like blood being splattered,
From a high rise to the pavement below –
When you refused to recognise it.
The sound was like – well, blood,
Needed but yet spurned, as it pumps
In vain out from a severed artery.
The thing broke – and I heard each beat
Magnified in my ear – and I wondered
Embarrassed, if all could hear it on the street.

They say when the heart breaks, there is no sound –
The sound to me –
Was like the sky crashing upon the ground.

29th April


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