What Next?

And what next is to happen?
After all of the hope has left thee
And all of thy dreams have died?
Is this the way it is to be?
Just flesh and bone with nothing inside?
What next?

I know the days bring thee no relief
And nights shed their blackness of pain;
The sun gives thee no soothing joy;
The moon is but distant in her reign
And all time does is destroy –

Wrecks, pillages, murders and rapes
Thy heart that once used to sing,
Thy soul that could leap so high,
Thy song that was a living thing,
Thy eye that knew not why to cry…

But what next can possibly happen?
For hurt is what is left of thy heart.
Thy tongue has no words to say.
Thy song ends where the tears start,
For hurt is all that’s left of thy heart.
So –

What next?


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