When You Return To Me.

When you return to me
After a hard day’s work:
After five hundred and forty minutes
Of standing with strangers,
Talking and trying to make a sale
To people who know nothing
Of how strongly you love;
After sitting through spare minutes
Of thinking of what I could be doing
At that very moment,
Missing me,
After working (hard)
At what makes me proud of you –
When it’s not necessary at all;
After loving me,
Through those five hundred and forty minutes,
You come back to me –
To tell me you love me,
I cannot help but want
To hold your hand
In mine
And never let go.
I cannot help but love,
Love you forever.

1st May.


2 thoughts on “When You Return To Me.

  1. I really love this poem. Except, I found the line “After loving me,” appearing in the middle of the poem to be slightly jarring and distracting from the narrative of the poem.

    Because, I assume the intent is to not introduce the love angle until you reach the point in the story/poem where you say “You come back to me — To tell me you love me”

    I’m sure you have some good reason, I’m just curious to know.

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