To A—-

To A—-

I shall think of smiles Today from the Past,
When we first met eight Septembers ago;
Those smiles which somehow managed to last,
Despite, both, Life and Time’s opposite flow.
The first rose I gave you is still bright red
In my mind’s eye, as are the ones you gave;
But Today’s incomplete if this isn’t said:
We are lovers, who Fate fails to enslave,
We passed the tests of grief Life had to give
And did well in what Time dared us to do.
Despite tears, we made those early smiles live
And, successfully, made some that’re brand new.
Our love, like our smiles, isn’t filled with the Past;
Its evolution is what makes Us last.

14th Feb


2 thoughts on “To A—-

  1. heyyy, i liked this one very much.. eight septembers!!!! that sounds so nice !!!! very romantic and very true as well.. thats what makes this one so unique!

    keep it up.. yr the best!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am so happy that you made a comment, Poo. It means a lot. And yes, eight septembers sounds better than eight years – sounds less than years, but still on the other hand, somehow richer and graver in meaning.

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