To a Knight

Dimples on an Officer –
Incongruous on someone trained to kill.
But the combination got me going;
And though it was against my will,
I got to know them better.
Both the dimples were two sides of a scale;
And as my prejudice’s wont,
I’ve gathered that to be the end of this tale!
I even cried a bit.
For two reasons (that I shall mention here):
One: he disdained to accept our friendship
In public because of his own societal fear;
Two: he reached out to a part of me I thought had died
And which was once something very dear.

I usually write in verse,
When I feel greatly;
And as you can see,
It’s the tears I seem to cherish and nurse.
There is no explanation why
Someone touches someone’s history;
In most cases, with repression,
It all seems to end up a mystery.
Not with me.
I know the romantic in me, who I strangled,
Came back to haunt me last night;
And, as I looked on, he successfully wrangled
Old wasted emotions and new pent-up fears:
Abandoned chances of being carried off by some knight;
Appalling certainties of old age and lonely tears.

28th February


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