You Are

You are the drop of rain
Upon my heart’s parched dry ground;
You are the one who took
My still heart and spun it
Around and round and round.

You are the sweet sunshine
When things look too, too grey;
You are the arrowed sign
That points out, when I’m lost,
The right turn on the way.

You are the smile I smile,
You are the tear I cry,
You were my hope in the past,
You will be the last breath
I inhale ‘fore I die.

You are the love I give,
You are part of my name,
You are to me my Pride,
My eyed Beauty, my Lust
And all I want of Fame.

You are now far, farther
Than any star ‘twould seem;
Yet you possess my thoughts
Awake I dream of you,
Asleep you are my dream.

4th July.


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