We’ll Eventually Know.

I do not know why we love each other so.
I know that neither will let the other go.
Perhaps, because we are bound by mortal flesh;
And our destinies are caught in fate’s firm mesh.
You love. I love. Sometimes, I wish it wasn’t so;
But I had longed to swim in love’s limpid flow:
The first try tossed me, choked me, I nearly died;
The next fulfilled much; but, with life’s heat, it dried;
With you, I swim for a third time…
Sometimes, in clarity, and, sometimes, through slime.
While, on shore, always, I see life passing by.
(My heart’s not yet ready to bid it goodbye.
Though my dreams have left to lay down and die.)
And it’s so hard to taste any tears I cry.
If I wade ashore to meet what’s left of beauty,
I reject love and neglect what is duty.
So, I’ve decided to let this flow take me,
And, this time, I shall not let love forsake me;
And, though the slime now seems quite hard to defeat,
Life and fate with us must reconcile to meet!
With love then, we both now desperately flow,
To sink or soar we’ll eventually know.

18th May


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