Tess looked up, away from being,
Saw the sun as she used to do,
She knew she’d to touch it today,
Make from her old life something new.

The magic of the sun in sparks,
That dissolves the purple to blue,
And transforms weeping red golden,
Made her tears disappear, too.

Her eyes were wide; her tears were still,
For she knew she would soon be free:
Touch the warmth of the rising sun,
Be fused within the cool, blue sea.

She stepped into the liquid sky,
Her feet carrying her through the air;
She tried to reach out to the sun,
In trying, reached into his lair.

Her fingers moved close to his heat,
But she knew she’d to cross the sea,
So her feet now touched the water,
So now how far could the sun be?

The sea felt cool upon her feet,
She could feel its lapping form,
Higher, higher, deeper, deeper,
And she moved on and on and on.

Fingers reaching out to her sun,
The sea now carried her above,
The waves caressed her and, rushing
Into her mouth made quiet love.

For moments, there was darkness,
For moments, she lost her sun,
And, then, she saw it once again,
For now, the sea, the sun were one.

That was Love! In wonder, Tess thought.
And she smiled and she touched the sea,
And dissolved when she touched the sun,
And was essentially free.


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