Dream Hole

Here I am.
Once again awake
At daybreak.
The futility astounds me.
Life has succumbed to fate.
Dreams shattered
Many moons ago.
Bursting into nothingness.
Like a sun consumed
By itself.
All life and fire once.
Now a black hole
Sucking in any light
Into its yawning vortex.

Here I sit
When the dark threatens
To turn into light.
With my eyes wide
Like dead planets
To be annihilated.
If a new dream filters
I pay obeisance in fright,
Sacrificing it readily to those gone.
See it scream as it eddies,
Tearing through twilight,
Till it knows its being is futility,
And is consumed whole.
I can’t help wonder:

Is it better off than me?

(written 27th August – 6:30am)


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