I have given up before.
Then risen again.
I had given up again
And somewhere out of the pain
Came the resurrection.
The belief is not that everything will be okay.
The belief is different now.

I understand what the trick is.
It is all a fait-accompli.
I surrender to You:
God, Destiny, the Powers That Be.
I believe whatever will be, will be.

So in knowing that I have loved
And, oh, so ardently,
I have lived and seen happiness.
If things are not a constant
Why do I cringe and weep?
Why do I lament the loss of things that were never mine?
Did I even think Life would best the rolling of Time?

Then happiness is relative and fleeting.
I should perhaps make most of our meeting.
I tried to steal happiness from mundane souls,
When all I had to do was give up on it.
Doing so made me happy.

Happiness, I find, cannot be bought.
A grey man once said, I was meant to live this life,
And that, I believe, is an encouraging thought.

23rd January


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