Thoughts try to find ground in the head
They find quicksand instead
They strive for some tangible form
To fit in some societal norm

But experiences of the past
Make the confusion last
They scatter like leaves in the wind
Thousands of forms burst and rescind –

It’s also a miasma of feeling
A jealous concealing
Of the brain’s inability to choose
And the heart’s inability to lose –

That feeling coalesces with thought
The only form that’s brought
Is a hurricane of emotion
Atop an intellectual ocean.

Circles of wind driving through grey
Like feelings that won’t stay
In circles of vapour they go
Churning everything in their flow –

The waters beneath trying to reason
Seems sadly like treason
Within their darkest depths they know
They will forever battle so –

The wind of thought shall never ease
Over vast emotional seas
None can understand completely
This unstructured philosophy

That finding for thought an outline
That tagging an emotional sign
That this itself is foolishness
That form in essence is formless


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