What would I ask Life…

What would I ask Life

If I met her one day?

Why couldn’t you make Love stay?

Wasn’t your spring young enough

To defeat autumn’s blight?

Could the summer flowers not

Sustain the winter night?

Could your cyclic seasons

Leave no hope for Love’s heart?

Could reincarnation

Not prevent you to part?

Were the dreams that you dreamed,

At the dawn of childhood,

Bitter as Time to die

As all sad mortals should?

Or were you just too vain

To labor for love

As a good lover should?

Was love not the lover

You hoped he would be,

And you got abused by Hope

And Love’s own vanity?

Were you too busy with Time

Neglecting love’s demand?

Was Time deceitful enough

To keep you in demand?

If everything’s a cycle

And what was now is,

What the past hides away

The present always sees,

I ask of you, dear Life,

After all that you give,

You end up with just you,

What makes you want to live?


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