Valentine’s Day 2012

Our love seems to have flown to a distant land

And our very souls neither understand.

Many times we both feel misunderstood,

Wonder if life will lead to anything good.

I’ll never fully adjust to your frowns,

You’ll never soothe my emotional downs.

In twelve years most of our time seems wasted,

Countless experiences neither tasted,

But since this is valentine’s after all,

I must tell you why i stick to it all.

Like you i feel an excess of feeling

That stirs up despite my heart’s concealing;

When i realise that you are nowhere near,

Spontaneously, i believe you dear.

There aren’t many stolen kisses as before –

When you kiss me now i remember it more.

If i had no hope or feeling for you now,

I wouldn’t notice the creases in your brow;

You would not help but know my weakest trait,

And find ways through means and compensate.

I mentioned it seems love has moved away

But i haven’t mentioned it has gone to stay.

Passion is something that’s not forgotten,

It can leave a taste of time gone rotten.

Love tends to steal back when you need it,

It seems silent till you wish to heed it.

Today despite our idiosyncrasies,

Despite the beliefs each of us believes,

Twelve years of feeling have made me learn,

Wherever love roams it is bound to return.




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