Practice Smiling

Who really would care,

If all of my smiles fade?

No one wishes to bear

An eloquent tirade.

The songs have choked and died

Somewhere deep in my throat –

And all life does is hide,

And all time does is gloat.

Youth flashes his large teeth –

Vain and proud is his stare –

From afar I feel heat,

To get close I don’t dare.

Where has all my hope gone?

Caved in like a dim star,

A black hole so forlorn,

All it does now is mar

The body, mind and soul:

Anti-matter longing

For death – the only goal

Whose arms I belong in.

Perhaps I could’ve done much.

Lived a different life?

Yielded to ambition’s touch?

Wed fame instead of strife?

Been an owner of wealth?

Hope could then be cheaper,

I could have bought health,

Wounds would run less deeper,

Youth would kneel before me,

And look up in my eyes –

Hell, I know I’ll still see

Lies masked by selfish lies!

Hence I’ll practice smiling

Though my ethos disappears,

For I’m tired of tasting

Salt from overlooked tears.


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