I’m crazy for even feeling anger:

You are too self-absorbed to gauge and know,

Too vain even to choose to remember

Friendship is more than a hi a hello.


It is more than passing time and learning,

So much more than love, because it has none

Of its bittersweet, poignant yearning

But has help and kindness, laughter and fun.


Friendship is clear or rather it should be,

With an openness of warmth and feeling,

Engaging in all sorts of charity,

Enabling a vital tender healing


Of wounded hearts torn by society,

Or ironically by love’s pain

And its different shades of cruelty

That tend to crop up again and again.


I wish I could understand your notion

Of no past or future just the present;

But all three make up for emotion,

Every moment gives birth to moment.


I wish you to know and soon realize

The difference between the false and true;

Most stuff that seems beautiful lies

And you need someone other than just you.


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