This Is

This is

This is not to say
That you won’t mess up;
But it is only after that
Will you learn to step up;

This is not to believe
That things will always go wrong;
But to know, when they do,
The pain won’t last long;

This is to know love fades;
But even though yours died,
The joy it first brought
Never, ever lied.

This is to see past the age,
In many an engraved wrinkle,
And look into the youth
That still make your eyes twinkle;

This is to urge despite the deepest loss,
Don’t lose the will to hold on;
You haven’t seen the future yet
So hang in there and just go on;

This is to hope you rise, after each fall,
You smile, though broken and blue,
You love, though your heart feels lost,
You dream, though dreams never come true;

This is to say there is always a plan,
For the miniscule to the grand;
In time, it will manifest,
Even though now you don’t understand.


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