Let’s be dramatic: I am furious.

Torn apart by those who should care –

Either by love or indifference –

It’s getting too much to bear!


I expect to love who do love;

But I end up with those who hurt –

So pain is another form of love:

Does it prove how much love’s truly worth?


I want to scream, I wish to escape,

I want to be rid of this colossal dead weight,

That oppresses my should-be, maybe soul

While time puts it in an unending wait.


For what reason? Leading to what end?

What use the lover? Where is the friend?

How am I alone in such bitter cold?

Why must suffering gain this much hold?


Why cannot people be a bit kinder?

Why cannot love be a bit blinder?

If I do not release this anger soon,

I’ll end up crying, dramatically dying.


But do not deign to offer me hope;

Because that’s the biggest liar here;

He shelters such expectation,

Which commands me to kneel and adhere.


I have seen differently,

I have felt the opposite,

Disease surrounds his being,

Corroding all around bit by bit.


Metaphysical thought can go take a leap!

I am sick of knowing how Karma multiplies!

And though I squeeze hope by the throat,

He thrives and my anger wantonly survives.


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