All of Love’s Hands

In your eyes, I spied something new:
A feeling I had left for dead:
It was something all of time slew,
Deceiving the heart with the head.

Love expands to take in all:
Family, lover and friend
I cannot help but quietly fall
Into light that seems to never end.

That seems to never end is true –
For seeming is just what it gives…
And its brilliant, shiny hue
All confidence in love forgives.

What allure the beginning brings
Influences feelings for you –
Leads me to meet forgotten things
Which cynical time made to rue.

I cannot think of reasons why
I must look the other way;
Though I know, it is vain to try
To make this unsullied light stay.

I tried so many times before,
With so many who were my past,
Love burst with a frenzied furor;
But that light did not seem to last.

Maybe love is such that but seems,
Coming to me in flimsy dreams;
And all it leaves behind
Is permanence one cannot find.

I will still hold all of love’s hands
Even though this heart is in the know
Even though with knowledge understands
That, in time, they will all let go.


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