Some Say

Some say, you love only once.
Some say, no conditions applied.
You know love’s trickier than that;
Those some didn’t mean to, but they lied.
Love occurs at various times.
It comes and goes, per its will,
Though it treats you to a grand date,
It, kind of, leaves you with the bill.

Some say, it is pure and pristine.
Some say, true love forever stays.
You find it can be hurtful and sad;
Those some didn’t consider all its ways.
Love is jealous and often mean,
It makes you fall against your will,
And then you find yourself alone,
Then you force your heart to be still.

Some say, it is God-like and holy.
Some say, it elevates the soul.
You hope it leaves you alive and sane;
Those some didn’t know it consumes you whole.
Love hurts and, if God exists,
It only makes Him the best:
For when true love scraps your heart,
It is flung back to His chest.


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