The Night Won’t Set Me Free

The night keeps holding me close
as tight as a warm embrace
filled with the scent of a rose
with dew on its crimson face

the night goes on to love me
like pain never mattered at all
he refuses to set me free
he knows if he does I’ll fall

i guess i understand why
he surrounds each part of my life
i guess this is why i don’t try
to battle against overt strife

his dark hands show me desire
his stars show me love and hope
his moon shines down her white fire
that tells this broken heart to cope

and when the moon has turned her face
all his dark is warm ocean
sifting through corrupt thought with grace
to find turbulent emotion

so i go on to hold night close
for he is all i end up with
having so fully loved that rose
with him i shall quietly sit


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