An old heartbreak

I am back…
The conundrum lasts…
There is no answer.
Broken bones into casts.

Broken hearts scatter into dust.
The wind has no mercy.
It does what it must –
And I keep hearing it…

The worst is the limited joy,
It shines delightful and true
Then it succumbs, it breaks,
Fool me, nothing’s new.

Broken joy scatters as it will.
What can I wilfully save?
The wind is blowing cold,
Time never forgave.

What should I offer?
How do I find what I seek?
When can I hope?
Why is joy so delicate, so weak?

Knowledge of me shatters inward.
Am I but a mind not heart?
Was this sundering
A reason enough to start?

The moon dies again.
She cannot help tonight.
The wind is so damn strong,
There’s no will left to fight.

I hear the echoing voice,
To it my hope I forsake,
I am back,
Whispers an old heartbreak.


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