I love u and I need u,
Words that sing and croon;
This is forever,
I’m your sun, you are my moon;

The stars feature well,
They are like my eyes;
Words would say all,
Why would they be lies?

I’d want you always,
No matter how old you get,
I loved you yesterday,
You must not, cannot forget;

You must not think,
You must only feel,
The truth is all,
Nothing’s left to conceal.

Would I ever harm you?
Would I ever lie?
You are my one true love,
Without you, I’d die.

Words move out and beyond,
Now they do not cease;
But can you ever stop time,
Or hold onto a warm breeze?

They will away like words,
And all there is is now,
Do not speak, oh do not,
Do not make any vow.

I am not the sun,
Nor do I wish to be;
I am just dying flesh,
I am just me.

You speak of love,
So be it, love me;
But I know much of time…
Of eternity.

So let the moon and sun rest,
Let the stars twinkle on,
Let the dark consume light,
Let the dusk become dawn,

Let the butterflies live,
Let them quickly die,
Do not talk of forever,
You know not how you lie.

I have known enough,
Seen more than I can tell,
I cannot speak as you do,
I know nothing so well,

And so just hold me now
And let all words cease
And let me love you now
In this gentle breeze.


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