To Another Sagittarian

What do I say to you that hasn’t been said before?
I no longer know what’s right or wrong, false or true.
I have waited on many a similar door.
And I wait.

There’s not much that I can say or do
That’ll make existential circumstances change,
Or turn the tide back to unravel some design
That helps to alter all that seems so very strange,
In Life that is universally yours and mine.

I had notions once, through my twenties and younger,
When I could not discern what was fact from fiction;
When all I knew of love was yearning and hunger
And I had not a cure for the heart’s affliction.

Experience teaches you as sure as time moves:
That all these doors you come to will be a given
And time itself always stands test and gently proves
Heart breaks cannot be forgotten but forgiven.

So I stand smiling before a door once again,
Just hoping to be allowed in and given rest,
And though I may have to leave, back into the rain,
I leave with memories I can count with my best.


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