Thanks for visiting this page. 🙂

My name’s Harpreet.

Online I am known to many as “Rish” or “Erumelmo”.

I am the whimsical sort. But that is too abrupt an introduction so where do I begin? Well, I won’t get into long-winded details about me – for the simple fact, I don’t like doing that. There is a poem in the category of “The Writer” which I had written randomly, it can give you a fair idea about me. 😉 So let me just tell you why I began this blog.

As luck would have it, I am helping with the editing of a theme of another site that I am affiliated to on wordpress and to figure out how the dynamics of the theme editors, the dashboard, the blogrolls, etc, work I set up this blog. Then I got around to thinking that I didn’t have a blog specifically for my written work. I tried out the one at myspace, but didn’t think much of it. LiveJournal is best for journal entries, so I restrict my day-to-day stuff there. I am planning to keep this blog as a ‘log’ of as much of my work that I can type out and store. Most of it is just languishing in drawers, or files, and even back pages of old college books.

So assimilating all of it is going to be a drawn-out process, but I have already begun to start doing so, and pretty soon I’ll have the old writing work all stored here. And as the new ones come in, all I shall have to do is just put them up here directly.

Yep, that’s the reason for this blog’s existence. Hopefully, most of those who visit may like a little of what I write. 😉 In that case, please do not forget to put in a comment. Would love to hear what you think of my work.

Edit: 30th March, 2011.
I changed the name of this blog to “Each Drop”, since I didn’t quite like the old title anymore, I tried many different variations of phrases and finally settled on one I had used some time ago for a poem. If you choose to read the poem, you can find the link to it here.

7 a.m.
7th February, ’08.


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