For a Presence in the Darkness of This Night.

I stumbled and fell
There seemed to be a light ahead
But I could not see clearly
I tried to rise but slipped instead
And fell. There was pain
And the darkness of it matched
The darkness all around me.
I had felt a presence
Some time ago
Which coaxed me to get up and move on
Oh! Wish it had stayed!
But I can’t feel it anymore
The light ahead –
Is it a light?
I cannot tell.
Is it what I want?
What if that light
Is darker than this hell?
How do I know?
Should I get up and move
And chance my luck on that light?
Or do I sit and wait
For a presence in the darkness of this night?

9th October.


Blood Red.

Rose petals in my mind,
Blood red, blood red,
I search but can’t find
My heart that fled.

The smell divinely sweet,
Assailed and said,
Your heart and you can ne’er meet,
It’s dead, it’s dead.