“Nothing in this life lasts long”

Nothing in this life lasts long.
Friendship you realize is the same:
It changes from weak to strong,
Then back to forgetting your name.

There are duplicitous games,
Played amongst its rules;
Reason and logic it often tames
And makes all complete fools.

To Rajeev.

To My Journeying Friend,

I remember the times we were together,
As children, but that was long ago …
We lost touch and lucked out on knowing
Each other in life’s incessant flow.

Destiny perhaps has a way of tapping
One’s shoulder and saying, “Hello,
“This is the same boy with whom
“You shared your life with, some years ago.”

Then we probably smiled
On our way down or up the stairs;
Listening to her, and said “hello”, though
We were still wrapped in life’s many cares:

That said college and family and books and computers,
(I smile here because I like knowing you)
And then, suddenly, we met and knew each other,
And destiny got her way and point through.

I won’t make this a long poem
Which would tax an engineers mind;
But a topper is what I know u to be –
Not to mention, to a friend like me, somewhat kind.

So you begin another phase of your life,
Traveling thousands of miles away,
So I think I shall sit back and type out
The things I wish to say.

I wanted to come over a lot
These past few days and spend loads of time with you;
But I know you needed your space with mom and dad,
Because I can guess how much they’ll miss you.

So on the day when you read this,
You’ll be flying off to a distant land,
And I probably won’t be able to say much –
The reasons for which I guess u understand.

I have come to know you so much better,
It’s like losing a friend all over again;
And there is selfishness in abundance
That’s mingled with a degree of pain.

But thousands of miles are easily crossed,
And time has its tricks of faith,
There are plans probably in the making,
And several twists of fate.

But in all I do hope you do well,
For others, yes, but yourself most of all;
And if you ever need a friend
You know who you can call.

And time now won’t matter I guess,
Nor losing touch, like the time sometime ago,
Because I know destiny has other plans
And will be tapping your shoulder asking u to say hello.

Bon Voyage,
Come home soon.

The Gryffindor Song.

In the Great Hall of Hogwarts School,
There are the Houses Four;
And, of these Four Houses, one
Was named after Godric Gryffindor.

The Sorting Hat, that first belonged to him,
Is now a sorting tool;
And all the First Year students must
Have it on, per the School Rule.

For it, on being worn, shakes and frets,
And then lets the school know,
Which House the student belongs to,
With one, loud Gryffindor roar.

To be in Gryffindor, one must
Be brave and full of nerve –
To face all of Life’s challenges –
Good and bad – with the same, strong verve!

Chivalry, too, stands high and proud,
Amidst the students here,
For it includes all the things
Which to Gryffindor are dear.

From Bravery that we talked of,
To Honour and Courtesy,
From Protecting the weak and timid,
To Fairness and Generosity.

So here at the House of Gryffindor,
You will find those Ideal Few,
Who brave all of Life’s problems
And manage to solve them, too.

My House of Gryffindor.

Here is my House – born from the name
Of the great wizard, Godric Gryffindor.
Who was a warlock tough and honourable,
Fiercely strong as the wind on a moor.

His best trait though lay not in Power,
Or Honour, or Bravery beyond logic.
But in the very fact that he let All
Join Hogwarts, to enrich the gift of magic.

The Hat that judges with cool wisdom,
The Sword embedded with rubies red,
Belonged to this man who esteemed
Knowledge and Fairness, which was inbred.

Gryffindor, then, is the House,
Of vibrant Red mixed with Gold,
Where the Lion’s Emblem stands guard,
To stop any evil – be it new or old.

It produces students who are exceptional,
As regards their courage, which never ends,
As regards their determination and
The code of loyalty amongst friends.

Here is my House where I am loved,
Here is my House – Gryffindor!
Here are my brave, loyal and courageous friends –
Why should I possibly ask for more?


Time passes us by and memories are made,
Dreams pass on with Youth’s last sigh,
And things move closer to death’s shade,
While all that we are, all that is, is going to die.

Remember? How it was when we first –
Remember is all that we seem to do…
That smile, that rose, that meeting, that thirst,
What you were to me, what I was to you.

Time passes and emotions cool down by degree,
If I smile now you don’t see the light in the eyes;
For now love is tempered by chaste reality
And we realized that everything that was and is dies.

What of the time I fantasized of Knights,
Charging down to take me from the real of life?
It has faded slowly when, in heartbroken nights,
Comprehending that pieces of paper make a husband and wife.

The lessons time shows are hard to bear,
Everything that goes high descends with a fall,
Dreams have youth while age has hope’s share,
The irony of this rant on Time being: it cures All.

6th November.

A Conversation.

A Conversation.

You are crying!
He is lying …
He is asleep?
Yes, quite deep.
Why do you weep?

Did you fight?
Yes, all night.
Is he asleep?
Dream deep.
Why don’t you sleep?

Will he stay?
I can’t say …
Duty calls?
And fear brawls.
Ah, Love sees that Pride crawls!

You are sad?
Wants I had …
Does he care?
Yes, love’s share.
Look around! He isn’t there!

You still cry?!
I can’t lie.
Sleeps, doesn’t he?
Sound and warmly.
Fool, fool you be!

26th January.


Midnight passed in fight. It’s night. Morn, some say.
The room’s tube bright, Lata fills the back ground.
You sleep: for mother waits at break of day!
(Here I wait for you to make any sound.)
I am dark and you seem to be light.
Each consumes the other – no middle ground.
Do we wait for chaos? The Last Day Fight?
For Nature to let us loose? Hold us bound?
I write. Lata sings. You sleep – or do you?
I don’t move to check. Each seized already
In wicked persona struggles – flu, too.
Emotions are far from being steady.
You grunt, I sing. I dance, you look away.
Love has come. So how do we make it stay?

26th January.
5:00 a.m.