Newly woven webs

Glistening and gleaming, almost moist with sheen

Pulling me into dark depths

Where I will never again be seen.

The old webs are lackluster,

Without stickiness or life or shine,

They hang derelict

And I wonder if they were once mine.

Both webs tear at me

Strands of hair pulling at my skin

At one end a fatal trap

At the other preventive medicine.


Let the world end

How long has it been
since a kiss:
a mouth taking up mine
the feeling of bliss?

If the world were to crumble
or the seas rush in,
with my lips warm,
my eyes closed,
I’ll give in.

The questing tongue,
the breath i take,
the will i give,
the sound i make,

I remember still,

A kiss,
a god send,
let it be now
and let the world end.


Birds outside this room
Fly so completely free –
Oh, what do they know
Of chemotherapy?
They are part of Nature –
Which is just fire and ice –
With no manmade notions
Of virtue or of vice –
So ignorant they fly –
I wish I could too –
With no view of life
And of death no clue.