Don’t wait

Don’t wait for things to happen,
don’t wait for the leaves to fall,
don’t wait for roses to bloom,
don’t wait, no, don’t wait at all;

Don’t wait for the tides to turn,
don’t wait for the next full moon,
don’t wait to show you love me,
love me now – not later, not soon;

Don’t wait to remember and smile,
don’t wait, waiting is but a lie,
say you miss me this instant,
please, don’t wait for me to die.


I love u and I need u,
Words that sing and croon;
This is forever,
I’m your sun, you are my moon;

The stars feature well,
They are like my eyes;
Words would say all,
Why would they be lies?

I’d want you always,
No matter how old you get,
I loved you yesterday,
You must not, cannot forget;

You must not think,
You must only feel,
The truth is all,
Nothing’s left to conceal.

Would I ever harm you?
Would I ever lie?
You are my one true love,
Without you, I’d die.

Words move out and beyond,
Now they do not cease;
But can you ever stop time,
Or hold onto a warm breeze?

They will away like words,
And all there is is now,
Do not speak, oh do not,
Do not make any vow.

I am not the sun,
Nor do I wish to be;
I am just dying flesh,
I am just me.

You speak of love,
So be it, love me;
But I know much of time…
Of eternity.

So let the moon and sun rest,
Let the stars twinkle on,
Let the dark consume light,
Let the dusk become dawn,

Let the butterflies live,
Let them quickly die,
Do not talk of forever,
You know not how you lie.

I have known enough,
Seen more than I can tell,
I cannot speak as you do,
I know nothing so well,

And so just hold me now
And let all words cease
And let me love you now
In this gentle breeze.

Made that Way

You will surely leave. You will not stay.
It is your wont: you are made that way.
The sun will rise and that is for sure;
The moon finds same time to cast her lure.
The Stars will burn, blow up, fade and die –
It just is, come on, do not ask why.
The tides will turn, as sure as you do,
You cannot twirl them like you mean to.
We may appear to change, you and I;
But that is just it, we will just try.
We can learn it all, grow old and die;
But I’ll still feel and will not deny.
And you, in your own way, will say:
It’s not his fault, he was made that way.

Let the Tears Drop

I look for your hair stuck onto clothes I wore,
When you were still alive.
I find some on the mattress near the door
And my heart takes a dive
Into darkness of loss and sorrow,
And I realize you are gone,
There won’t be you in a tomorrow,
And I am caught and forlorn,
Pirouetting in life’s inanity
Of loving and losing and loving again.
Tomorrow is an endless sea,
Filled with murky waters of pain,
I’ll hold onto the shaft of memory,
Just to keep myself afloat.
It will sink eventually
I will get another boat.
Such is life, we move on;
But sometimes I stop;
Notice you are gone
And let the tears drop.


love took you there;
it flung you back here;
will fling you there again –
after a while, it’ll be
here, there, in between
sun, moon and rain.


I never knew, I never knew,
The pain of being torn from my mother,
At the age of two.

I couldn’t say what I would feel,
If I had a home of hunger,
Made of still water and steel.

I cannot fathom to analyse,
The hour upon hour of work,
Amid raucous human cries.

You flip, wave, splash and turn,
While the audience roars,
While for decades you burn.

They take your penis and your sperm,
They scour your mind and your heart,
They leave you bitter and infirm.

I have seen the wild, the wild,
In cold seas, under violent skies,
In the innocence of a child.

My heart breaks; for I know,
Being what nature made me,
What should be just so.

Do you yearn for who knows where?
There is but little earth left to you,
The oceans themselves are despair.

If God exists, you are the sin,
You became legion,
You, with your collapsed dorsal fin.

Look At Me

If you just looked at me,
Really looked at me,
Your eyes would meet mine,
I would see me in you,
Would feel you in me,
The oceans would still,
The moon would turn its face,
To give us the moment;
If you smiled at me,
A half smile with no teeth,
Just a turn of a corner,
Of your lips, dry and soft,
When that reached your eyes,
The oceans would move,
The moon would shake,
The night itself would smile,
I would smile back;
The rest would not matter.