To Poo

I have no words left to elaborate
The friendship that has made itself our own:
Love has seeped in and has maintained its faith,
Despite all the years that fly, and have flown.

You are constant, as I have remained true,
Each lives apart; yet are uncanny close,
Our loyalty was what made me and you
And trust was what cemented it, I suppose.

I have led a life and yours is yours, too,
But we always keep a sane middle ground;
And across a room, if I look at you,
We know the other’s thoughts, without a sound.

I write this poem knowing you know its end,
I thank you for you, my very best friend.


In the Arms of Night

Once again I find myself
Alone, in the arms of Night;
Where else could I be,
As the mighty Sun gears up to fight?

He governs the world
And every Law of the Land:
Hope must bend to Him
And Love must understand.

The Moon is the quiet Wife,
The stars are each a far-off Son;
Against the Sire who else can shine?
Before His Light each is made to fade or run.

The Sun burns.
He compels me to bend.
The moon soothes,
Even if She cannot defend.

Light cancels Dark –
Law and Order shine best;
But I am the Dark,
I am that Time of Rest.

Nature loves both equal:
Be it Moth or Butterfly,
It is free to choose Night or Day,
As your Time to Live or Die.

So I have walked in Dark,
I have not feared the Night,
I have loved the quiet Moon
And I have chosen not to fight.


I have had my heart torn open
And I have lost all my trust,
By the hands I loved –
They did what they felt they must.

Over time, my shredded heart
Knew whatever hope it stole,
In bits and pieces hope would come,
But never in an entire whole.

I have loved thrice before
And all love speaks of pain,
But I love and love and love and love,
Even though I have wished to refrain.

I never thought I’d love you –
So much so – when I thought I was done,
I never thought I’d fall in love,
When all we sought was a bit of fun.

You came into my life,
With your golden eyes and half smile,
And I thought I was wise and reserved,
But I was falling in love all of the while.

You lay in my arms and I lay in yours,
We never knew when love grew,
Plans changed and I found in myself,
Someone that I never thought I knew.

I expanded and my mind exploded,
With what I always wanted to feel:
Something so different, something so disparate,
To what I thought could live to heal

This torn, intellectual, stubborn, scared heart;
But it did, and it did it so well –
Your hands got intertwined with heaven
And you made me forget most of the hell.

I have never thought much of tomorrow;
It comes with its own steady pace;
I have here and now, and him and you,
And I have no desire to win any race.

You make me smile and you keep me warm,
In a way that eases my burden from all;
And though you stagger sometimes with it,
I am not the sort to let any love fall.

So here is to you, here is to me, here is to them
Here is to him, here is to her, here is to us,
Here is to our life today, at this moment,
And here is to all love that smiles and adjusts.