Printed Work

The printed copies
The printed copies

“Ehsaas – Realisation”

Well, the book was finally out on 23rd August, 2008. The finished copies came into our hands on the fateful day of Shri Krishna Jayanti, and we, at home, were so pleased. Bua and I finally had our work in print.

Our work that was in print, that could be read by the ones we love and by those who know we write.

But mostly, for those who didn’t know that we wrote – words that fill up our minds, created by our experiences and felt through our hearts.

“Ehsaas” is the name. Realisation. A realisation of our own talent, in a way, for the world. And also for ourselves.

I am grateful to and for the help and, sometimes, for just the presence of so many people who brought this work to the final stage.

In my acknowledgements, they have been duly mentioned. But I also want to thank so many others who have directly or indirectly helped me in getting to this point in my life. I haven’t mentioned them in the book, and I won’t mention them here, because they know who they are, and without them this place would be empty.


8 thoughts on “Printed Work

  1. So may congratulations Rish dear. I know from C of E that you are a very good writer and so the book publication is very well deserved.

  2. Hi Harpreet,

    Went through the book last nite, it was just awesome. Though not good in Hindi, the poems in English were great. The one peom which really moved me was the one on Party.

    Warm Regards

  3. Hey Dee!!
    Thanks for the comment; I was very hesitant in bringing out my poems in print to the general public initially – but bua wanted me to do it so I did. I am still worried about whether they are – well, ‘good enough for publication’ – so kind words like Magoleth’s and yours does make a HUGE difference. I am glad you liked “Party”.

  4. Read the Book. It may appear to be collections of poems; but it is actually feelings….. each feeling can touch the depths of a soul…. makes you experience emotions …. sometimes cause a tear,…. sometimes create a smile….sometimes something so profound, words fail to describe.

    Brilliance falls short of a word to describe it.

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