A Life Lesson

I have heard many I love yous,
I have given up so much time,
In believing each emotion
No worthier than this rhyme.

I’ve partaken of promises
That were broken, one by one;
Some were quelled in one fell sweep,
Robbing pain from some slower fun.

I have climbed each and every step,
That love has made me take;
I have trusted this foolish heart,
That love has helped me break.

I try damn hard to learn lessons,
That life has proved to be true:
I try hard to hear what they say,
But believe in just what they do.


Until I Die

I have loved. I thought love was forever;
But all vows have a lease on the heart.
It seems it’s love that life does sever
After all, it’s until death do you part.

I have no compunctions anymore –
There are conditions to love life makes.
The mark of years must always implore,
Yet deepen the pain of all heart breaks.

I thought I was careful, sure and wise;
But there are factors I’ve failed to view:
Fathers and mothers, husbands and wives,
Each comes with his or her karmic due.

So, it’s just when I turn to tell you
Of how I ache and why I sigh,
You say, sure, you will always be true,
Up until the very day I die.

A Certain Sun

The morning gives me no solace:
It has come with heat and light
And I find myself asking
For the dark horns of the night.

Then I find love, soaked in desire,
Wrapped up in your arms and hair,
Smells of burgers and coffee,
Snarled sheets hiding all that’s bare.

The sun brings in the future,
The future has torn the heart,
Time sheds light on the knowledge,
That soon you and I must part.

Families, jobs, money wait;
The sun brings them all back in;
I fear what the world might say,
How you were lead in to sin.

The sun burns my exposed skin,
All hair shines like molten fire;
The sun just shows me the truth,
The stars just show me desire.

I could wait for the next moon:
Who knows just what I might get;
But memories of ones before
Depend on how soon you’ll forget.

The sun barges through the window.
I lean back and draw the curtain.
I note: it’s only his return
Of which I am fully certain.