Just Tell Me

Do not cheat me.
Tell me you’re lonely.
Tell me you want more.
Tell me all openly.

I have been cheated on;
When I had the chance to,
I did not.

I have believed in love,
I waited in its garden;
Even when winter set in,
Hoping for the thaw of spring.
I stopped, when I knew,
Standing all alone in the snow,
My wait was foolish.

The cold had its own beauty;
But I couldn’t bear it.
I like the grey,
But devoid of the cold.

If you have brought me,
To this new garden,
Where spring now has roses aflower,
Do not leave me alone.
If you must,
Let me know,
If you develop allergies
To the flowers – or worse, to me.
Tell me
You have to go.

I prefer the grey
Not the pitch black of ignorance.
Speak to me of love,
Rid me of romance,
I will not pull back.

Just tell me,
You want to visit other gardens;
So I can prepare
And make a future winter
Or, if that is not possible
Than, at least,
Travel to a warmer one.

Don’t cheat on me
With lies
Or the omission of truth.

Just tell me:
So I do not suppose
And blame neither the thorn
Nor the bloodiest rose.


Those books, those films, those stories and those songs

Those books, those films, those stories and those songs

Convinced us how love in life belongs.

They made us sops look for it all over:

Hope to look for it in four leaf clovers.

They never mentioned what to do after –

When the tears slyly kill the laughter,

When the stars and moon blot out and die,

When we glean every one was a lie.

They never talk of love’s staying in lease,

Or of death, or of pain, or of disease;

They never mentioned how love loses faith,

How it doesn’t need another love to mate.


Maybe, I am to blame for I looked away,

From the books, films, songs that had this to say.


I realize now what love’s true nature is:

Unjust quotients of sadness and bliss,

A ruse to reproduce before you get forlorn,

With nothing to do once the kids are gone.

Of this I’m sure: after all the cheating,

Although love leaves, the heart keeps on beating.

As Whole

this is my life

a walk in the dark

a smile with a price

a devouring fire when all i wanted was a spark.


this is what remains

nothing to see ahead

nothing but tears and pains

nothing but a struggle to earn some bread.


this is what love grows

a heart that never dies

despite those million throws

of cheating, of slanders, of deceits and lies.


this is all I am left with

as life corrodes the body and soul

and I try to hold on to each bit

but cannot figure out which part was the complete whole.